Learning Campaigns: A marketing approach to Learning and Development

Marketers and learning instructors have known for a long time that for a message to be retained, you need to 'tell them what you're going to tell them', 'tell them', and then 'tell them what you just told them'.
Of course, there's much more to it than that, but there is merit to spaced repetition. Marketing techniques can be applied to learning to achieve high participation levels and high knowledge acquisition and retention.
We've wrapped these techniques into learning campaigns to make it easy for leaders to adopt a marketing approach to learning. [More]

Learning in the moment without forgetting moments later - making micro-learning stick with assessments

Think about that youtube video that you watched to bake a cake or repair a thing. Could you do that unaided for a second time? We’ve been curious if micro-learning as quickly forgotten as it is consumed, and then relearned, or is the timeliness and relevance of micro-learning so meaningful that it cuts through and sticks with the learner for an extended time? We don't know the answer, and we're sure it's not black and white, but what we do know is how to make it stick. [More]

Goals: Are goals the only way (or even the best way) to motivate high performance? Give way to alternatives on your journey to Agile Performance Management

Goal setting has been the de facto standard for motivating high performance. Consultants and traditionalists advocate SMART goals, and startups favour the variant of Objective and Key Results (OKR's) made famous by Google. What if you've found goals don't inspire your people, or you've found goals are the predominant cause of stress in your workplace? Are there alternatives to goals and how can people do their best work without goals? We propose 2 alternatives. [More]