The 6 New Realities of Performance Management - HRZone feature article by David Perks, CEO of Pay Compliment

6 realities of performance management

This month UK publication HRZone is featuring work trends that leaders in general, and HR professionals, in particular, ought to be adapting talent management approaches for.

David Perks, Founder and CEO of Pay Compliment was asked to share his thoughts on new ways to manage performance that work better than the old ways of performance review as the nature of work and the nature of the workforce change.

David identifies 6 new realities of performance management in the modern workplace.

  1. Positional power has lost out to influence
  2. Goals are mostly irrelevant
  3. Performance needs don't fit into convenient cycles
  4. Employers must support all types of workers to perform
  5. Prescriptions foster a fixed mindset
  6. Outputs will look after themselves

To find out what these 6 new realities of performance management mean for your organisation, read the full article here.

What new realities are you facing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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