Drop your invisibility cloak and increase your discoverability if you want to build a powerful personal learning network

Who dat, who dat, that do dat, do dat?

Ever had the feeling you're invisible to people who you would value a connection with? 

Doing great work and not being noticed?  

Waiting for introductions but your boss prefers to keep you hidden away?

If this strikes a chord, it could be time to take yet another lesson from the marketers. Start self-promoting and getting noticed by inviting connections through every touchpoint you have.

A Feedback ID™ from Pay Compliment can turn every touchpoint into a passive invitation for performance signals, learning opportunities and connection.

Today we've made it even easier to promote your profile using your Feedback ID™ by adding QR codes to your subscription details.

By using touchpoints for outreach you will quickly build a powerful personal learning network to give you insights when you need them, and props when you've earned them.

Enabling touchpoints

4 points of entry

Your subscription page now contains 4 methods through which to receive performance signals such as appreciation, recognition, coaching, and learning recommendations.


These are

1. Your feedback webpage and URL www.paycompliment.com/[feedback id] 

2. Your feedback email [feedback id]@paycompliment.com

3. Your embeddable QR code, and 

4. Your SEO search result

Each connection method can be used with a variety of everyday touchpoints to connect to people who can help you grow.

Your feedback webpage URL

Your webpage URL can be added to any kind of digital platform.  Include these URLs as links from the "Our People" listings of your website.

That way customers or other external parties can share private performance signals with you personally at any time.

Include a link to your feedback webpage in your intranet or internal directory listing, that puts co-workers a single click away from a performance or growth interaction with you.

Include a link in your email signature, now every email becomes an opportunity to receive 1:1 feedback from the recipients.

Your feedback email

eMail is pervasive. You're probably already getting appreciation and recognition through email.  It's hard to keep track of it though and to make sure it reaches your success file.

When you receive feedback by email, simply forward that to your @paycompliment.com email address and it will be added to your feedback stream so that you can build a complete performance and personal development ledger containing the full story of your growth and achievement.

eMail is also a very easy way to integrate systems. It might be the fastest and cheapest way for you to collect real-time performance signals from machines and other systems that you interact with.

Your embeddable QR code

Great for any kind of printed media your QR code is a shortcut to your feedback page for anyone with a smartphone.

Put this on your business card, in presentations, on your name badge, on the people photo's at your workplace, on till receipts, on sales proposals and invoices.

Any time material is being printed ask yourself if there's an opportunity to make a connection, or to elicit a performance signal that can lead to improvement.

When you publish your feedback QR code anyone can provide input to your success simply by pointing a camera at it.

Your SEO search result

What do you do when you want to find out something you don't know?  Google it of course.

Let's suppose you want to give feedback to someone and don't know how to find them.

Your SEO search result enables connection and interaction in this situation.

Your search result will rank well for your name and workplace, and unlike with other platforms, your Pay Compliment interactions are private between you, your manager and each contributor of performance signals.

Outreach for inclusion

These 4 entry points give you the opportunity to use any touchpoint to elicit performance signals and connection.

We've identified 55 touchpoints for the average role, and 10 more in hospitality.

There is ample opportunity to build your personal learning network and keep relationships strong. We even provide a handy network chart of your connections to help you do that.

If you'd like to take control of your own personal learning network,  register for your Feedback ID, start marketing yourself, and begin asking for performance signals both passively and actively.

We'd love to see you on the platform.


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