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What our Customers say

"Pay Compliment has been a big help for us to get on top of our performance management processes. The very user friendly screens and many template options have made the process incredibly quick and easy. Now our appraisals are just a few clicks away!"

Helle Lauridsen, HR Executive - SAS International

"I have completed my feedback for my team now and it really resonated with me how even across a month you do not remember all the information you want to comment on. The process was so easy and it made me personally feel great about my team and hopefully assisting them!"

Maureen Jack, General Manager - DFK Crosbie

"Gosh by the end of this season’s events we will have lots of really useful feedback. I think it is brilliant by the way!"

Lis Wilson, Director - Shorebird Recruitment Process Outsourcing

"By the end of my presentation I had 3 pay compliment feedbacks and I just notice another couple have come in today so very successful! I must say it is quite fun getting 'instant gratification' so to speak through feedback as you really don't get much idea from talking to a room of strangers!"

Alannah Norman, General Manager - Wendy’s Home Care

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Learn how everyone will benefit


  • Ask for feedback right when you need it
  • Express your purpose and goals
  • Max out on meaningfulness
  • Get instant notifications of new feedback
  • Maintain privacy of your coaching feedback and praise
  • See the value of your work from the eyes of co-workers and customers
  • Check back in your feedback history to see how far you've come


  • Give praise where it's due
  • Resolve issues in private
  • Build individual emotional connections with staff
  • Easily retrieve feedback given and any responses received
  • Maintain privacy - no need to share email details or a phone number to receive a reply


  • See 360-degree feedback stories of your team as they happen
  • Use peer and customer feedback to identify coaching needs
  • Set your review schedule to fit with your team's needs
  • Easily keep track of commitments from review to review
  • Add rewards and recognition to your praise


  • Include everyone in giving and receiving feedback without needing company email account or training
  • Make coaching conversations measurable
  • Enable manager handovers using feedback histories
  • Use inbuilt or custom templates
  • Easy access to HR analytics
  • Your customers can sign up for free
  • Foster a coaching mindset