Anonymised Feedback: Empowering employees to use their voice safely by withholding identity

Recent revelations about poor leadership behaviour powered by the #metoo movement are highlighting that despite policies, procedures and culture, employees still do not feel totally safe to share their observations, concerns and stories of unacceptable or downright abusive treatment without fear of reprisal. What can be done to change this? [More]

The one place where diversity is not what you should be aiming for

Diversity is a hot topic around the boardroom table at the moment, Should there be quotas for female leaders, what about the gender pay gap, how can we do the right thing by our minorities, and do we have the diversity of thought to drive innovation? These are all good questions for management to spend time on, but in one key area diversity is to the detriment of culture and until that area is tackled the rest may not matter. [More]

Stereotypes: Is it true that women shouldn't map read on the journey to Agile Performance Management?

How affected by stereotypes are the observations and opinions that you share with others in the feedback that you give? Do you have different expectations of performance for a job depending on if it's done by a man or a woman? Research would suggest that stereotypes heavily influence the nature of feedback and yet there are many ways to overcome this. [More]