55 touchpoints to feedback enable for real-time performance management

If your workers are not feedback enabled, they are denied the opportunity of everyday observations for better performance


Passive feedback opportunities

There are so many opportunities to turn interactions into everyday signals of good or poor performance that are simply not used to good effect for worker engagement.
This list of 55 touchpoints that can be feedback enabled applies to the operations of most businesses and there are an extra 10 touchpoints for hospitality, and yet more for retail.
Get creative in the ways that you ask for feedback and distinguish between feedback channels for performance management (like Pay Compliment) and feedback channels for advocacy (like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and Yelp); there is an important difference.

These may utilise any of the 4 channels for feedback that are offered by Pay Compliment

1. Personal Feedback Web Pages

2. Personal Feedback eMail address

3. QR code or embedded HTML as a button

4. Search engine results


Examples of passive feedback requests



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