Apple just made passive feedback even easier

How your Feedback ID™ just got even better

With the release of IOS11, the camera on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad now has a built in QR Code reader.

This makes giving and getting feedback with your Feedback ID™ even easier.

Here is a video to explain what we mean.

How you can request passive feedback

Simply generate a QR code for your feedback page using a site like and display this wherever people will see it.

The format of your feedback page is{your feedback id}.
For example, our test user has the Feedback ID™ CRASH1 making their feedback page 

Once you've generated a QR Code for your feedback page you can use it in many situations

  • On a business card
  • On your name badge
  • On a document like a receipt, a quote, or an invoice
  • As a desk tent or on your office door or cubicle 
  • On a website or intranet
  • On "with compliments" slips
  • On merchandise
  • On consumables

In fact we've thought of over 55 places where any business could communicate a Feedback ID™

What are your ideas of where you could communicate your Feedback ID™ to get more feedback? 
Leave them in the comments.

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