New Features Released Especially For Large Enterprises

Pay Compliment is an Agile Performance Management Platform built for scaleYou've got scale and complexity, we've got the flexibility to handle it.

Large enterprise; the latest set of features in Pay Compliment is for you.

Through the pilots and scaling up you've been doing,  you've told us what you need for real time feedback and agile performance management, and today's release delivers it.

Here is what we have introduced;

1. Background reporting

No need to stay on the reports pages whilst your reports run. Now you can leave the page and we'll email you a link to your report once it's ready.
This means you can run massive reports of frequent feedback interactions times large numbers of employees, and go and do something else whilst the reports run in the background.

2. Massive Shared Feedback Distribution

We designed shared feedback for team recognition, but you told us it was amazing for enterprise wide communication (particularly the video feedback).
We've changed the delivery process so now you can send shared feedback to thousands of employee's with the click of a button, and it gets distributed fast..... very fast!

3. Feedback Request Status Report

Unless you were an excel wizz it was hard to work out if feedback requests were in-flight or completed. Now it's not.
We've added an overall status to the Feedback Request report so now you can see exactly where each request is up to and manage the requests accordingly.

4. Increased Branding Options

You've always been able to brand your feedback pages, now email notifications follow suit with your banner, "from" address, and subject line title all configurable.
Combine this with the existing feedback template builder and now there's no reason you can't bring your unique style to your performance management regime.

5. More integrations

The latest 2 integrations are to Polinode for even more powerful network analytics those we have built in, and to Microsoft Cognitive Services for sentiment and keyword analysis of your feedback interactions. 

Of course we always had enterprise features such as Single Sign On, Delegated Administration,  Bulk Employee and Team Management, Data Exports, an API for integration, Service Level Agreements, Sandbox environments, 24*7 support and so on which means that alongside today's added features we are more than ready to bring Agile Performance Management to your Enterprise.


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