Example Annual Performance Review Templates

Which Annual Performance Review template is right for you?

There are tons of people searching for Annual Performance Review templates every day, so whilst the Pay Compliment platform can completely remove the paperwork and inefficiency from a traditional annual performance review process, we are providing a few example review templates as downloadable and editable word documents. 

The choice of template will depend on the assessment process you want to use. We've provided templates that are suitable for self assessment,  peer assessment and manager assessment to cover off most scenarios.

Once a year isn't enough

It is important to give feedback more often than once a year though, which is why Pay Compliment offers 7 types of feedback

1. In the moment, peer to peer feedback

2. Self requested feedback (including 360 reviews)

3. Manager requested feedback (including 360 reviews)

4. Shared feedback to teams

5. Recurring scheduled feedback from managers to team members

6. Anonymous feedback

7. Passive feedback, for example using a feedback button on your website, or in your email signature

Offering this wide variety of feedback types, Pay Compliment can be used throughout the year for annual performance review, goal tracking, pulse surveys, employee engagement surveys, customer feedback, real time coaching, peer review, company announcements, 

Example Annual Performance Review Templates

Here are our 4 variations of annual perfromance review templates to get you started with your reviews this year. 

Responsibility and outcome narrative type of annual performance review template

Performance-agreement-template.docx (30.89 kb)


Self assessment type of annual review template

performance review self assessment.docx (17.35 kb)


Ratings based annual review template (suitable for 360 review)




performance review ratings based.docx (14.47 kb)


Simple rating based annual review template designed for manager assessment


Simple employee performance review form.docx (31.21 kb)


Alternative to paper annual review forms

Each of these templates is already available to be used digitally (or altered and used) in the Pay Compliment application.  

To do this
Step 1: Simply start your business subscription and

Step 2: Enable your template of choice in your company template library

Step 3: Add your employees to your subscriptions

Step 4: Request each employee review

It's that easy to go digital for your review process this year. Four simple steps in just a few minutes and you can avoid the hassle of a paper based approach that takes days of effort to co-ordinate. 

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