Traffic Jams and Scenic Lookouts on your journey to Agile Performance Management

If you're on a journey and can't progress do you like to spend your time stuck in traffic jams? Instead, would you rather steer away from them, and soak up more pleasant surroundings? That's the choice to make in deciding how your journey to Agile Performance Management will be.

It's easy to be so focused on tasks that you only see straight ahead. You have no time to notice all the great things around you. When you do have the time it's because you've been stopped dead in your tracks. You focus then on dealing with someone or something that's standing in your way. 

Driving headlong into traffic jams, then nudging through bit by bit until you get back up to speed can become the norm. This is especially true where companies are jumping on the "grit" bandwagon and championing perseverance and determination.

When approached this way, traffic jams are frustrating. You're out of control and you're not getting to where you want to be.

What you remember about that journey full of jams is that it took too long, and it wasn't fun. I bet you don't reflect that you chose to sit in traffic. You chose not to make the most of the circumstances. You chose to remember the worst of it, not the best.

What if you chose to hang out at the scenic lookout instead?

So that you can spend more time enjoying your surroundings, we look at ways to counter the 3 sources of negative emotions and upsets (or jams) which are:

  1. Withheld Communication,
  2. Unfulfilled Expectations and
  3. Thwarted Intentions.

If you can develop advanced communication skills, manage expectations, and create a culture that rewards commitment over attachment then you will be a long way further forward on the journey to Agile Performance Management.

The team at Pay Compliment don't like sitting in jams, if you're stuck in one, give us a call and we'll join you at the nearest scenic lookout to your particular roadblock.

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