Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I only give positive feedback?

No. You can give any type of feedback providing it meets our guidlines of no abuse, no profanity, no threats, and is respectful to the recipient.

The best real time feedback is based on an observation, identifies strengths (or necessary strengths for the situation), and suggests ways to work even more effectively in the future.

Giving feedback structured like this will create more positive change than criticism or blame.

Who sees my feedback?

We empower the recipient to get the feedback they need to do their best work every day, without the anxiety of your review being on public display.

If you give feedback to a listed person, then normally you, that person and their manager see your feedback. 

This can be further adjusted so that the manager does not see the feedback, or the person themselves does not see it, and only their manager does.

Can I give anonymous feedback?

Yes. You can give anonymous feedback and there are times when that is necessary.

We'd rather you stood behind your feedback though by not being anonymous and so we do treat anonymous feedback differently than feedback from registered users.

  • Anonymous feedback is not delivered in real time. It's reviewed before delivery and may be withheld if deemed inappropriate.
  • Anonymous feedback can't be responded to - we don't know where to send the response
  • The sender of Anonymous feedback does not have a copy of what they sent

What is anonymised feedback?

For certain types of feedback we protect the identity of the contributor by removing their name and profile picture from the feedback.

This means that candid feedback can be provided without any fear of reprisals. However, unlike anonymous feedback, the history of your contribution will be available to you and you do have the ability to discuss your observations further preserving your privacy throughout any dialogue that takes place using the comments section of your feedback.

What is a Feedback ID™?

A Pay Compliment Feedback ID™ is a unique code that relates to your subscription.  You may have multiple subscripitons at the same time (if you have several jobs at once) or multiple subscriptions over your lifetime.  The Feedback ID™ is the code that you share so that someone can give you feedback without needing to know anything else about you.

There are lots and lots of ways to share your Feedback ID™ giving you many opportunities to prompt for feedback without needing to force people to complete surveys.

Read more about the idea of a Feedback ID™ here.

Who pays for my subscription?

Personal subscriptions are free. These are what most individuals and consumers use to give and get feedback.

Your employer may pay for a business subscription which allows them more options for the kinds of feedback collected, and reporting over the feedback you receive.

See our plans and pricing page for more information.

What is Agile Performance Management?

Agile Performance Management is the term describing a big change to the way businesses motivate their people.

instead of setting annual goals, and reviewing performance once a year, modern organisations are

  • Breaking the link between performance review and salary review or bonus eligibility
  • Dropping rating systems and comparisons between one employee and another
  • Setting goals more frequently (quarterly, monthly or fortnightly)
  • Continuously giving performance feedback and having coaching conversations
  • Providing greater autonomy by managing with alternatives to goals such as values, purpose, best next actions, OKR's
  • Using self-directed just in time learning instead of competency frameworks to build skills
  • Using new findings from Neuroscience to undestand how people are motivated, satisfied and happy

The Pay Compliment platform provides a tool set to move organisations from traditional performance management to agile performance management.

Can I still use ratings?

Yes. Ratings are an option that you can turn on and off, and you can even use your own rating scales if ours don't suit your needs.

Can I still run 360/Periodic Reviews?

Yes. Very easily in fact. These can be initiated centrally (by HR for example) or by managers or individuals. You'll find the features we've included for periodic review a breath of fresh air compared to traditional annual review surveys and tools.

We can also provide services to design and run your review process if you wish.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I run surveys, such as engagement, pulse and exit surveys?

Yes. We have pre-built templates for many types of survey, or you can use our template builder to create your own.

The platform will send invitations to your participants (branded with your brand of course), track responses, send reminders and collate responses into beautiful dashboards so that you can drill down into the information you collect.

We can also provide services to design and run your surveys if you wish.

What's the difference between saving draft reviews, sending on deadline and sending now?

At the bottom of a review page you may see a number of options for when to send your review; Save Draft, Send on Deadline and Send Now.

Then Send Now button will finalize your review and send it immediately, however, you might not always be ready to do that.

Suppose you are reviewing a team member and you're building up that review as you make observations throughout a month. 
You can keep saving those observations in draft, and so that it's safe to make notes, a draft review will never be sent by the system until you decide it's ready. To send a draft, you need to remember (we remind you) to go back, finalize the review and send it.

As an alternative to saving a draft. if you use the Send on Deadline option, we keep the review in waiting, so that you can add last minute observations to it and change it if you need to. Then, at the time of the deadline, whatever has been written will be sent without you needing to do anything more. This is also very handy if you want to write feedback for a team of people in advance, and co-ordinate the delivery of it so that everyone receives their review at the same time.

Don't see the Send on Deadline option?  It's only available for feedback that was initiated by a request, and where a deadline was set for responses to that request.

Can I include customers as reviewers?

Yes. If you know the email address, you can include anyone in the review process, and the best part is there are no costs associated with the reviewers.

What else can I do?

Our customers are very creative, here are some of the things they're using Pay Compliment for

  • New starter induction (initial experience) surveys
  • Tracking individual learning objectives
  • Process compliance, procedure distribution & acceptance records
  • Company Updates (using the video feedback option)
  • Team recognition
  • Values reinforcement
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Diversity & inclusion metrics
  • People analytics
  • Sentiment analysis

I have lots of users to set up and manage, can I automate this?

Yes. We provide bulk user management to make it easy to add & remove people from your subscription as they join or exit your organisation.

Can I use my own branding?

Yes. You can add your logo, a banner, configure the 'from' address of emails, and include branding in your feedback, review and survey forms.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We use encryption to make sure your information is secure, and keep minimal personal details to avoid unnecessary risk. Our platform is hosted in Azure data centres that are continually monitored against threats, and we manage the backups and availability of the application.

Can I export my data?

Yes. If you're a business subscriber You can export your data at any time

I am leaving my job, can I continue to access my feedback?

The best feedback is unforgettable, and the people who gave it will stay in mind forever, but all feedback is useful to reflect upon. We want you to have access to your feedback at any time from anywhere which is why Pay Compliment is a life long feedback platform.

If your employer was paying your subscription, simply sign in, add a free personal subscription and start using that to continue to collect new feedback. All of your existing feedback will remain in your feedback stream.

if you need to change the email address that you sign in with (from your work to personal email for example), or if you end up with multiple employer memberships to join up, contact us and we will make the changes you need.

How can I find out more?

Find out more by getting a demo, or contacting us.