Process company tax returns

Complete a company tax return in Xero Tax by following the recommended end to end workflow including setting up client relationships, importing a client’s Xero ledger and pre-lodge

This Resource Covers:

  • Introduction to process tax returns series in Xero Tax: Discover the benefits of Xero Tax and how to best navigate through this series.
  • Process company tax returns" We will take you through a step by step workflow on how to lodge a company tax return in Xero Tax including the best way to deal with and resolve errors.
  • Document Packs" Learn how to compile, send and sign client documents using Document Packs in Xero HQ including how your clients can sign the returns.
  • Xero Tax for tax agents: Keep your Xero Tax journey going by accessing the other videos that are part of this tax series. Select the applicable tax return videos you are completing for clients.