Customer and Employee survey problems are solved with Pay Compliment

Traditional surveys are fraught with issues, from getting participation to compensating for margins of errors. Focus on what is really important: your customers and staff by taking a different approach to customer and staff feedback.

See how Pay Compliment improves upon traditional survey tools

Traditional Survey Tools Pay Compliment
By invitation; prompted by an interaction or selection using your criteria No invitation required; perpetually available platform for both ad-hoc feedback or prompted by a request
Use a rigid set of questions to make your analysis easy Use a selection of your own templates or free format feedback to make customer and staff feedback situational and insightful
Anonymous, suffering from non-response bias Personal and directed, allowing feedback to a specific person regardless of the requestor, encouraging participation and candour
Require statistically relevant response rates (also accounting for regional bias) Treat each response as individual GOLD and an opportunity to engage more deeply with a customer or staff member
Subject to a fixed deadline for recipients that suits you, not them, with the risk that chasing responses creates animosity Always available to receive feedback in a timeframe that is convenient to your customers and your staff
1 directional, without ongoing interaction, leaving feedback open to your interpretation 2 directional, allowing dialogue to clarify and respond to any feedback received
Have inbuilt delays between capturing information, summarising and acting on it Pass feedback directly to the recipient and their manager in real time for immediate action
Transient leaving no ongoing record of feedback with the respondents and limiting repeatability and reproduction Permanent leaving a feedback history for both the respondents and recipients to refer to in future
Disconnected, your survey system is separate to your performance management system Integrated feedback from customers, staff and managers all in one feedback platform that is used to manage ongoing performance
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