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David Perks
Manly, New South Wales, Australia
Cloud Fixers
Executive Team
About David

As CEO of and the buck stops with me.

If I or my team have impressed you I'd love to hear it. If I or we have fallen short it's important that I hear that too.

This direct feedback channel helps me to turn every day observations into better performance for myself and for my team.

According to my strength profile I am at my best when I:

  • Am driving strategic thinking or direction
  • Have a variety of complex and intellectually challenging problems to solve
  • Have the freedom and autonomy to work out the best approach to take
  • Feel I am on top of things and have them under control
  • Can be involved in decisions about what I do and with whom I do it

In different circumstances I may not be my best self. That's even more reason for you to shine a light on my blind spots wherever you see the need.

What you share here is private. I invite you to be candid.

Often it's easier to do that digitally than it is face to face, but please own your feedback through the registration process so that I can follow up with you.

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