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I'm here to help you get used to the way that feedback is shared via Pay Compliment.
Try out the feedback templates and give me some feedback to practice.

When you're ready, use search to find a real person at the company you want to give your feedback to.

Fill out this feedback page to let your team mates know when they do something that's meaningful to you. Some food for thought on what that could be

  • Teaching you something new
  • Preventing you from making a mistake
  • Being flexible in the way they work with you
  • Supporting your position
  • Impressing a customer
  • .... or anything else you want to recognise with feedback

This could be anything that made an impression on you

The values this demonstrated

Tick all that apply

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  • 1Be respectful
  • 2Be helpful
  • 3Keep it clean
  • 4Stay calm
  • 5No threats or abuse